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In marketing, a brand is the symbolic embodiment of all the information connected with a product or service. It also encompasses the set of expectations associated with a product or service which typically arise in the minds of people. 

At Metropolitan Door Industries, the term brand has a different meaning. To be a brand at Metropolitan is to be the "best among the best!"  Only the finest products from the best brand names in the industry industry are available at Metropolitan.

The MDI® brand of doors and frames are one of the most versatile in the industry.  Our HM doors are available with a variety of six different cores to meet any project requirement; from standard to high security, from insulated to temperature rise.  We have the door to meet your needs.  As a stocking distributor of wood doors and access to custom engineered wood doors (unfinished and factory finished) we can coordinate the wood doors with the frames like no other company can.  We pay attention to the details.

As a factory authorized distributor of most brand names in architectural hardware, we can provide you with complete package solutions for all your openings.  One stop solutions makes your job a lot easier and allows us to coordinate all doors, frames and hardware to get the openings you need on the job on-schedule.

The MDI® brand isn't just products; rather it's the whole package that we provide.  Customer service, project management, technical support, submittal packages, product tagging, labeling service via UL and WHI certification, innovative products, field services & repair and a whole lot more.

MDI Customer Service


The MDI® customer service team is here to assist with stock and custom order sales.  They typically work on orders that require the technical expertise for those smaller jobs that are typically being resold directly to the end-user by a contractor, locksmith or door installer.  They're here to help facilitate the most appropriate door, frame and hardware components for the application as you request.  Our customer service personnel can provide phone or written quotes, catalog cuts, technical drawings and they can review your plans to help you determine the proper door so you can get the material on-site quickly for your installation.

MDI Architectural Drawings


The MDI® project management team is here handle your projects from start to finish.  Each contract job gets a Project Manager dedicated to getting your doors, frames and hardware delivered on-time and within budget.  Our project managers are responsible for every aspect of your order.  They perform for you!  First, they read through the specs and details and architectural drawings you provide us, perform a take-off, write the proposal, consult if there are any conflicts with the information you provided and so on.  Your project manager is also responsible for detailing your submittals for architect or end-user approval, they also produce the fabrication sheets for production and are in-charge of the procurement of materials for your order.  They follow-up every step of the way right through to the delivery of your completed order.

MDI Proprietary Submittal Program - Frame Data Screen


MDI® will provide (free of charge) comprehensive detailed submittals for any size project (typical on contract jobs) for end-user or architect approval prior to production or ordering of any material.  Our door, frame and hardware schedules are computerized and completely automated from the schedules to purchase orders to fabrication sheets directly through to the delivery with the packing slips via our proprietary computer software system.  By the click of a button we can provide you with a detailed list of all of the material on your job; this is especially useful with regard to the hardware.  Our submittal packages also include catalog cuts for specified hardware that's being supplied by Metropolitan.  Submittal packages are typically provided in multiple sets via UPS Next Day service once complete.  The can be provided via email in Adobe .pdf format when requested.

Metropolitan Tagging Service


We will "tag" any item on your order with the tag names/numbers as you provide (free of charge).  On contract jobs tagging is done automatically by opening number in accordance door, frame and hardware schedules per our proprietary schedule & shop drawing software program.

When requested, our shop personnel will bundle hardware items (hinges, lock, closer, stop, silencers, etc) from a particular hardware set and tag it with the coordinating opening number.  This process streamlines the delivery process and allows the installers to get the material they need faster to each opening to expedite their installation.  Like tagging, our bundling service is provided free of charge.

WHI Logo UL Logo



Metropolitan Door Industries is one of the few companies to have its products listed by the two largest testing laboratories in the world for building products.  Our products are listed by ITS/WHI (Intertek Testing Services / Warnock Hersey) and UL (Underwriter's Laboratories).  MDI® undergoes regular, unannounced inspections from both ITS and UL by one of their factory certified engineers.  Their visits are not only to inspect our log books for the fire labels but also to walk our facility and randomly inspect any door or frame product they choose to make sure that we're fabricating to the proper specifications set-fourth by each respective testing lab.  Being certified by both ITS and UL makes Metropolitan capable of providing any available fire rating that is approved by either testing lab, on any project.

Metropolitan FRF Glass


In 2005 Metropolitan's HM doors and frames passed the required evaluation/testing procedure with ITS lab* that was necessary for our doors and frames to utilize fire rated non-wire safety impact glass.  These glass products are clear (not wire) fire rated glass meeting CPSC Cat. II for impact resistance.  This means that Metropolitan can (legally) use this clear (non-wire) glass in fire rated doors.  The best part of this is that we do not have to following the doors specs when using this glass product; rather we can follow the glass specs.  

For example: 

  • A typical HM door that's 90 minutes fire rated can be provided with a maximum of 100 square inches of clear wire glass (10" x 10", 5" x 20", 3" x 33", 4" x 25", etc).  That's it, nothing larger.

  • Metropolitan can still provide that same scenario, but through our aggressive testing procedure we can also provide that same door as 90 minutes fire rated with at 1511 square inches with 3/16" thick glass.  we have an entire product line of fire rated glass available for our doors and frames to make us one of the most versatile manufacturers/distributors in our market.

* 2006 our doors/frames were approved with UL with the same glass.

MDI Standard Tape Measure


This is not common practice at Metropolitan; but if the project is large enough we will provide a project manager and field assistants to measure each and every opening required on the project.  While field measuring, we not only measure the opening for the new door or frame but we also review the required hardware for that opening to ensure the proper ingress/egress is employed.  The project manger will write-up a detailed report of his/her findings should there be any conflicts or questions regarding any specific openings.


We have knowledgeable and experienced field technicians available (on staff and contractual basis) to address any field related issues that may arise regarding our products once there on-the-job or have already been installed.  And the same goes for any repair work that may be required.  Before you try to tackle the problem yourself, contact of customer service department of your project manager and discuss your opening issues.  We know the doors, frames and hardware inside and out...why wouldn't you contact us first?


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