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MDI® Door is a Certified Green Site

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Since the beginning, MDI® has developed into a highly reputable company known for paying attention to detail and delivering products and service with only the utmost quality.  To maintain our commitment to excellence, we have invested extensively into our personnel, machinery, equipment, hardware & software, our facility and research & development.  This investment has made Metropolitan Door Industries a favorite among our customers.


Just as our products are an integral part of who we are, so are our employees and the customers we serve.  MDI® HMD-MED Steel Stiffened Door SeriesUnderstanding our customers and their needs, improves customer and employee satisfaction and enhancesexperiences throughout the company, at all levels.


Professional service, quality and reliability are the components and commitment that make up the foundation that Metropolitan™ is built on.


Our staff has decades of experience in the manufacturing, assembly and distribution processes of architectural and commercial grade doors, frames and hardware.  The employees of Metropolitan are committed to providing you with stock and custom fabricated material within the shortest possible lead-time, without compromising quality.  "Our staff is professional, knowledgeable and dedicated to your satisfaction."


Our dedication to providing quality products and service starts the moment you hear the word "Metropolitan" on the telephone and extends far beyond the delivery of your order.  To support our commitment, Metropolitan adheres to the principles and recommendations of the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers (NAAMM) and its division Hollow Metal Manufacturers Association (HMMA) and the company is a corporate manufacturer member of the Door and Hardware Institute (DHI).


Over the years, our customers have learned that Metropolitan is not just a material supplier, rather a business partner with added-value that will help your business grow.  As Metropolitan Door continues on its "road to success" we recognize what’s important; to our Employees: Challenging work in a learning environment and the opportunity to grow, personally and professionally; and to our Customers: An honest company providing excellent products and customer service, all at a competitive price level.MDI Commercial Door Hardware



If you have any questions or comments or would like to learn more about how we can serve you better, please contact us at: 888.MDI.DOOR (888.634.3667); or via fax at: 516.294.1828 or visit us on the web at: www.metropolitandoor.com.


At Metropolitan Door Industries, we don’t just aspire to succeed, we expect to!




  • 2016: MDI introduces the SW series HM steel door and frame.  A simulated wood grained door that is prefinised prior to delivery to the jobsite in a variety of colors..  No hardware restrictions whatsoever.  Highly resistant to UV rays, corrosion, termites and insects.  Interior or exterior applications.  Available with a fire rating up to 3-hours.  Available in flush or embossed panel designs.

  • 2010: The Company introduces the new SOF adjustable frame to its customers for the first time at a local trade show.


  • 2009: MDI® adds a redesign the SOF series frame as a new sku added to the company product line.  The new items is the SOF frame series but with an adjustable throat.  The company went though over a dozen prototypes before finalizing the design. The frame was not yet release for customer distribution yet.  Also, in late 2009 the company began distributing washroom accessories offering its customers the Bradley line of washroom accessory products (grab bars, mirrors, towel dispensers, trash cans, etc).


  • 2008: MDI® introduces its SOF (Slip-On-Frame) series to its customers. The SOF series frame is a frame that is a fixed throat knock-down frame with no return bends. It sits flush on the wall enabling the installer to install wood trim around the face of the frame. The SOF can be fire labeled up to 90 minutes. The same year the company also enhanced the door & frame drawing modules of its proprietary software system to a CAD-like system, providing more details on its submittals and fabrication reports then when originally introduced in 2000.


  • 2006: The Company is granted a federally registered trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its trademark of the MDI designed logo.


  • 2004: The Company is granted a federally registered trademark from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its trademark MDI.


  • 2003: MDI® introduces its adjustable knock-down frame to the commercial market. The adjustable frame can be fire labeled up to 90 minutes.


  • 2000: The Company goes live on a proprietary software system across its network. This system connects all departments of MDI® business: quoting, sales orders, contract jobs, door, frame & hardware schedules, shop drawings, purchase orders, fabrication sheets, picking tickets, packing slips, etc.


  • 1999: Metropolitan expanded again; moving to a larger, modern facility located in Garden City Park, NY. 


  • 1998: The Company applied for a legal named change with the State and Federal government to better reflect the diverse product line of the company. The Federal tax ID number has remained the same since the company’s inception in 1972. The name change was approved and the company was now official known as Metropolitan Door Industries Corp., a/k/a, MDI.


  • 1994: The Company discontinued its installation division to focus on manufacturing and distribution. 


  • 1978: The Company added a second building, an additional 5000 square foot warehouse for expansion for additional storage and production. 


  • 1972: Metropolitan Fire Door Corp. was founded with a handful of employees selling and installing steel doors & frames from a small 2500 square foot warehouse in Queens, NY. 




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