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MDI® TRUSTILE SERIES DOORSMDI® TruStile Doors...for your home or office

...for your home or office.

The TruStile line of premium interior doors and exterior doors transform any space from ordinary to extraordinary. TruStile offers over 400 standard door styles in MDF, glass and wood, as well as the ability to create any custom design.

TruStile on residential applications:  A door can be almost anything. A subtle transition between two rooms. A guardian to a private sanctuary. A warm welcome to a gathering place.  The TruStile line offers as many possibilities as there are purposes for doors, each one made to your exact specifications.

TruStile on commercial applications:  Achieve design perfection with a TruStile series door.  The premium MDF and wood doors can be built to meet any commercial specification - from 90-minute fire ratings, to ADA requirements to high-performance sound ratings.  Plus TruStile doors can be built to meet today's tough Green Building Standards  with FSC Certification.

Need a product data sheet or a drawing showing the door size, panel sizes and the stile and rail dimensions?  No problem, send us your list of doors, the quantity, style/design and we'll provide you with professional CAD drawings for your review and approval.  Provide us with a much information as possible (material/species, hardware requirements, fire ratings, etc).

TruStile (TS) Series

The TS series features over 100 architecturally-correct panel door styles from one- to nine-panel configurations. Each door is built with genuine stile and rail construction, and is not routed or stamped. As a result, our doors have crisp, clean lines and, quite simply, feel solid.

MDI® TruStile Doors...for your home or officeFind your preferred TS panel door from the selections below, which can then be completed in the material and profile you desire. Check out our door options to add even more character to your selection.


In addition to the TS series line of doors, we also have 3 other series of doors for your home or office: Tambour (TMB) series; V-Groove (VG) series; & Custom Design (CD) series.  The TruStile series of doors is all encompassing of any door for your home or office.  This includes panel doors, glass doors, louver doors, exterior doors and fire doors and frames.  Unfinished or factory finished (stained or painted) is available.


MDI® TruStile Doors...for your home or office MDI® TruStile Doors...for your home or office MDI® TruStile Doors...for your home or office


TS Series Door TMB Series Door VG Series Door CD Series Door
TruStile (TS) Tambour (TMB)

V-Groove (VG)

Custom Design (CD)


TruStile (TS) SeriesOver 100 architecturally-correct panel designs, from 1-9 panel configurations.

Tambour (TMB) Series:  Uniquely contemporary doors that combine stile and rail construction with state-of-the-art CNC routing technology.

V-Groove (VG) Series:  Doors with a rustic, tongue-and-groove look that emulate plank doors.

Custom Design (CD) Series:  An eclectic collection of custom designs across a variety of  architectural styles.



Paint Grade MDF

MDI® MDF imageThe use of MDF (medium density fiberboard) is a preferred material for painted door applications due to its advantages over alternative materials like natural wood. The TruStile line of MDF doors are the only ones built with solid MDI and authentic stile and rail construction.

  • Not routed and filled with cheaper core materials like most MDF alternatives
  • Designed to provide superior, architecturally-correct details
  • All doors come with a factory limited lifetime warranty.

Only super-refined MDF is used, providing unrivaled smoothness and finishing.

  • Never constructed with cheap, low density fiberboard like many alternatives


We offer any custom design or size is available.

  • Not limited to a few styles and standard sizes

The Wedge® system available from MDI®

What is MDF and what are its advantages?

  • MDF is an engineered wood product made from recycled and recovered wood fiber.

  • More environmentally friendly than wood doors.

  • More stable and durable than wood doors.

  • Smoother surface for painting than natural wood.

  • More affordable than wood doors.


All of our TruStile doors contain the patent-pending hardwood Wedge® edge system (shown at right) in both edges of the door for superior screw holding and increased rigidity

MDI® TruStile Stained Wood Doors...for your home or officeStain-Grade Wood

Optimal performance and unmatched beauty

When you see the TruStile line of wood doors in an architectural setting, the difference is obvious. In fact, we like to call the TruStile line of wood doors “furniture you can hang.”  What exactly does that mean?  It means these doors are made with hand-selected wood of the highest quality.  It also means each door is carefully hand-crafted to provide the sharpest profiles and details. If that’s not enough, we think the TruStile industry-leading lifetime warranty speaks volumes.

TruStile wood doors are engineered to provide maximum performance and unmatched beauty.  Stain-Grade Wood doors are available in fourteen (14) distinctive stain-grade species.

Premium construction details


Stile & Rail ConstructionBenefits of TruStile wood doors

  • Superior depth and definition on panel and sticking profiles

  • Architecturally-correct panels that are not rim-raised or bladder-pressed

  • 14 standard wood species

    • Cherry, Clear Pine, Douglas Fir, European Beech

    • Hickory, Knotty Alder, Knotty Pine, Mahogany

    • Poplar, Red Oak, Select Alder, Walnut

    • White Maple, White Oak

  • Hand-selected lumber and veneers

  • Thick veneers that provide superior durability

  • Excellent sound-deadening qualities

Engineered to maximize reliability

We build our wood doors with engineered stiles and rails that feature an FSC certified laminated veneer lumber (LVL) core. This exterior-grade material provides superior strength and dimensional stability, and is guaranteed not to warp or twist like solid wood. Our LVL core holds screws better than fiberboard cores, and can accept any hardware preparation without altering the door construction.

Constructed to minimize environmental impact

TruStile’s wood door product line has undergone an extensive third party audit verifying wood materials are only sourced from well-managed forests. This enables us to offer a FSC certified wood door.



Green BuildingTruStile - FSC Certieid

Open the door to Green building with environmentally-friendly doors

When it comes to Green building, doors are an essential project detail. When you choose TruStile, you can be sure that your doors are built with environmentally friendly materials and sustainable manufacturing practices. Whether you choose our high quality MDF doors for painted applications or require the richness of natural wood, TruStile has 3rd party certified green doors that fit yours needs and qualify for green building program credits.

Door OptionsSticking and panel options to make any door high-profile

...It’s all in the details

We understand that great architecture and design is really a matter of details.  In fact, at MDI® we are all about the details, and so is TruStile.  That’s why we provide you with countless options to tailor fit the doors for every opening in your project.


  • Materials: Paint-grade MDI, stain-grade wood and glass and resin.

  • Profiles: 40 combinations of panel and sticking selections.

  • Arch Top and Radius Tops: Doors with curved tops to round out your style.

  • Arched Pairs: Paired doors with shared details that double your design impact.Vented and false louver profiles are available

  • Mirror Doors: Any TS series panel door w/ a built-in mirror.

  • Pocket and Bypass Doors: Sliding doors perfect for closets, bathrooms and more.

  • Bi-Fold Doors: Two and four leaf configurations for closets.

  • Clipped Corners: Doors that fit nicely under stairways.

  • Dutch Doors: Two doors in one with the classic split design.

  • Louver Doors: Vented and false louver profiles.

  • Fire Doors: you will never sacrifice style when selecting 20-90 minute fire doors.



TS4030 on closed side

TS4030 on closed side

TSL1030 on mirror side

TSL1030 on mirror side

Fire Doors - maintain design consistency between fire doors and non-rated doors.


Door Styles & Elevations

The door images below are among the most popular elevation designs.  There are many more designs available to meet your decor requirements.  If you don't see a design you prefer please send us your sketch and we will be happy to see if your design can be made.



TS1010 TS1020 TS1030 TS1040 TS1050



TS2010 TS2020 TS2030 TS2050 TS2060 TS2090 TS2140 TS2160












TS4000 TS4010 TS4020 TS4070 TS4100 TS4140 TS4150 TS4200 TS4260


TS5000 TS5010 TS5030 TS5060 TS5090 TS5100


TS6000 TS6030 TS6050 TS6080 TS6090 TS6110


TS7000 TS7010 TS7020


TS8000 TS8010


TS9000 TS9010


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